Accountability: Driving Positive Outcomes by Holding People Accountable

Accountability is one of the most undervalued tools in the workplace today. We are all tasked with working within teams and often these teams are made up of coworkers both above and below us in the company hierarchy. Having the ability to hold people accountable is a key to both your success and the success of the team. Holding people accountable, however, is often a daunting task and even more daunting when you are trying to hold people accountable that don’t report to you.

Join Rhonda Scharf as she shares exactly what you need to do and say to hold others accountable in a positive and professional manner.

Your Benefits of Attending:

  • Gain an understanding of exactly what accountability is and why it is critical to your success.
  • Learn how to help your team increase ownership for their work and why that is so important.
  • Gain proven techniques to hold people accountable and deliver positive outcomes.
  • Understand how improving accountability can reduce negative team interactions and confusion.
  • Learn about issues that will decrease accountability and positive communication and how to avoid them.

Walk away with powerful strategies and techniques that will help you hold people accountable and increase positive outcomes.

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